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Grant Proposal Help

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Quick Facts

Tax ID# 54-0505990
Duns # 003135068
Congressional District VA-003
VA House District 91st and 92nd
VA Senate District 1st

Authorized Representative:

Mrs. Doretha J. Spells
VP for Business Affairs & Treasurer
(757) 727-5213

Contractual Point of Contact:

Mrs. Alisa Rodgers
Director, Sponsored Programs
(757) 727-5363

Routing Your Proposal

  1. Create a project outline to define your proposal.
  2. Discuss your proposal with your grants committee and Chair/Dean/Director.
  3. Complete the HU Intent to Submit a Proposal form (yellow brick road). Attach a copy of the grant solicitation.
  4. Submit the form for online signatures from administrators (at least one month before deadline).
  5. Write the Narrative and Plan of Work or Methodology.
  6. Discuss your budget with the Office of Sponsored Programs before completing it.
  7. Allow extra time to locate matching funds, including discussions with the Office of Development.
  8. Contact the Institutional Review Board for any projects involving testing on human subjects or animals, if applicable.
  9. Complete the Request to Apply for a Grant/Contract (yellow brick road). Attach a copy (pdf) of the full proposal, the grant solicitation, letters of support, and other appendices.
  10. Submit the form for online signatures from administrators.

Yellow Brick Road Tips

Webnow and Yellow Brick Road grants management icons
  • All forms must be completed online
  • Red asterisks mark all mandatory fields
  • Enter first and last name without additional information
  • Use your HU ID number in the "Banner ID" field
  • Program field is mandatory, but funding code is optional
  • Only federal grants have a funding code
  • Funders are listed in drop-down menu
  • Select "opportunity not listed," if needed
  • Signature button will copy name of PI from top of form
  • Attachments are mandatory
  • Use tracking number and hyperlinks from confirmation email to track forms
  • Use "F7" key to show were document is in the queue for signing

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